• Cleanse Phase

    Building a regimen helps to ensure that you are properly managing your hair and catering to its needs. Depending on your hair type, the cleanse phase can include a pre-shampoo, scalp detox, clarifying treatment, clarifying shampoo and/or a moisturizing/detangling shampoo. Be sure to do your research to find what your hair may require.

  • Condition Phase

    Every hair type is different, thus what works for others may not work for you. In order to be successful, your regimen should contain products that work together to address your two most important hair needs: moisture and protein. Conditioning the hair closes its cuticle, making it smooth, soft and easier to comb through. Options to choose from when looking to address protein or moisture needs for your hair include conditioners, deep conditioners or treatments; such as hot oil, cholesterol, henna/ayurveda, mayonnaise/protein, masks, etc.

  • Moisture & Seal Phase

    Balancing moisture and protein in your hair is very important to improving hair elasticity, which helps to prevent breakage. Dry hair breaks whereas moisturized hair is strengthened as it grows. Hair moisturizer’s are designed to maintain the moisture level in your hair strands and typically include water as the first ingredient. Sealing is defined as the process in which you lock or “seal” moisture into the hair strands with a butter or oil. Sealing the hair protects the hair shaft and slows down the evaporation of moisture from your hair.

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